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Now, this isn't to say that my Friday night wasn't a shamefully… - Death drives a white Honda Civic
Now, this isn't to say that my Friday night wasn't a shamefully brazen evening of decadent hedonism, but OH MY GOD, CHECK OUT THIS FASCINATINGLY EDUCATIONAL YOUTUBE VIDEO!

MAN! I count eight things that are SO AWESOME about this!

1) It's apparently a news reel, so you get old-timey news reel narrator, which can never be beat!
2) OH, YES, let's TOTALLY look in on the noted bandleader Duke Ellington as he prepares for a recording!
3) This isn't any half-assed looking-in-on, either, because now we're hearing what he's saying to his band! [I don't care if it's staged, and ESPECIALLY because of #4...]
4) What he says to his band is INSANE!
5) Now we're watching them record! I kind of got stressed out a little bit that Ellington has to turn completely around at the piano bench to see the engineer's hand signal that they're ready to record. There seemed to be a sense of urgency there--probably limited recording time available? I'm sure 1930s Mark would have wasted a lot of acetate from turning around, seeing the signal, then turning back around and promptly hitting the wrong note.
6) Look how they totally don't AT ALL manufacture records anymore! See 70-year-old technology that, were you to encounter it today, would be either rusty, disintegrated, or indecipherably confusing! Or all of those things! Here it's brand new and fully functioning, captured when it was state of the art! Look at that guy who knows exactly what he's doing with it! [that's what she said]
7) Who the hell is that singer?
8) It looks like she tackles Duke Ellington right at the 5:00 mark, and that's why the clip ends there!
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famousmark From: famousmark Date: April 11th, 2009 06:07 pm (UTC) (Link)

Hup! You totally found #9!

I think a case could be made that he's just being especially careful [afterall, why would they bother hiring an actor, and paying actors guild wages, when they could just film the actual guy whose job it is to do that?], BUT, MAN, it is AWESOME to watch that part with the idea that he doesn't know how to put that disc on the turntable!
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