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Death drives a white Honda Civic
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"'OH OH!" it sayaz on the cuhvuh, "We made a meh-yass.' Well, that just about sums it up now, don't it?"

[Insert TERRIBLE poem here]

acting, al pacino, alternative comedy, apparently many actors-bands-and-movies, architecture, art, avoiding spiders, ballard, baseball, bill murray, bob odenkirk, books, buddy holly, buster keaton, cds, charlie chaplin, cheap clothes, conan o'brien, creative girls, david bowie, david byrne, dvds, eels, elvis costello, email from real people, ethnic food, film studies, frank black, garry winogrand, gilda radner, glam rock, guitar, hank williams, humphrey bogart, indie rock, italian food, italy, jack black, jesus and mary chain, johnny cash, joy division, keyboards, lester bangs, long conversations, lou reed, magnolia, martin scorsese, movies, mr. show, music, my bloody valentine, new york dolls, nick lowe, nick tosches, nirvana, noise pop, noise rock, non-cheesy country music, not going "clubbin'", old houses, orson welles, oz, paul thomas anderson, phillip seymour hoffman, piano, pixies, prince, pulp, pulp fiction, radiohead, richard meltzer, robert deniro, rolling stones, sabermetrics, sarah silverman, seattle, seattle mariners, smart girls, some jazz, steve martin, subtlety, suede, synthesizers, tact, the beach boys, the clash, the cure, the daily show, the everly brothers, the great gatsby, the jam, the makers, the misfits, the pixies, the rolling stones, the sex pistols, the shangri-las, the smiths, the sonics, the sopranos, the stone roses, the velvet underground, the zombies, tom waits, ultimate frisbee, unforgiven, weirdly-depressing, wes anderson, westerns, wilco, wire, woh-manksh, woody allen

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